Festival Wallet is the newest application to pay cashless at festivals! 

Festival Wallet is a cashless payment app which you can use at any event or club. You will never have to queue, never lose them and if you have tokens left in the end, refund your bank account easily or use them next time. Beside that, you will just have one app for all your events. 


This is how it works:

1. Download the app for free

2. Upgrade your wallet (iDEAL, Visa/Mastercard, AMEX)

3. Connect your festival with your ticket and pay everything by QR-code

- You can also create a joint wallet with your friends


You can immediately check your balance after every payment. So if your wallet is empty, you can always upgrade it where/whenever you want to. Battery low? No problem! Log in to your friend's account or rent a powerbank.


Festival Wallet is easy, safe and fast! 

The shorter the queue, the more drinks for you.